Rubbish & Recycling

We are committed to responsible and sustainable management of rubbish and recycling in Whitehorse. 

The REDcycle soft plastic collection program at Coles and Woolworths has temporarily paused. 
For now, please put soft plastics in your garbage bin, not in your recycling bin. 
When placed in your recycling bin, soft plastic can contaminate the paper recycling stream and disrupt and damage machinery at the processing facility.

Use our services and learn ways to manage the rubbish and litter you create and our commitment to avoidance, reduction and recycling. Download a copy of the Household Recycling and Waste Services Guide ( PDF 5.26MB).

Our Waste Management Strategy ( PDF 4.15MB) outlines our long term challenges and opportunities around waste. It provides direction on tackling these for the next five years.