Find Your Bin Size

Find out what size and type of bin you need or have for garbage, recycling and garden organics

Garbage Bin

  • Only the 80 litre garbage bin has the size stamped on it
  • Additional fees apply to all garbage bins larger than 80 litres
  • Bins with dark green lids are the old style of garbage bins
  • All new garbage bins now have red lids

Recycling Bin

  • The standard size recycling bin is 240 litres
  • A 360 litre bin is available for higher volumes of recyclable
  • 360 litre bin can be very heavy when full. Applicants should consider whether it would be more suitable to order a second 240 litre bin instead

Garden Organics Bin (optional)

  • Garden organics bins are available for an additional fee
  • The 240 litre bin is the standard size garden bin 
  • A 140 litre bin is available for small gardens or for people who find the standard bin physically hard to manoeuvre
  • From July 2022 food waste will be accepted in this bin

Bin sizes