What Can Go In My Bin?

It's important to put the right items in your bins and ensure they are put out correctly to minimise collection issues.

    On Bin Collection Day

    • Place bins out the night before your collection day
    • Bins should be returned to your property within 24 hours after collection
    • Place bins near the kerb with handles away from the road
    • Leave 50cm between bins and cars, street lights or other bins
    • Bins must not weigh over 70kg each
    • Do not over fill bins - lid must be able to be closed
    • Do not squash the items in the bin, this can result in the waste being jammed and difficulty emptying
    • Place waste inside the bin: extra bags or boxes will not be collected
    • Place the bins side by side, not behind other bins

    Top Recycling Tips 

    • Put the right items in your recycling bin otherwise it may not get collected
    • Empty contents of items before placing them in the bin, no need to rinse
    • No soft plastics - items that scrunch easily into a ball and don't hold their shape (e.g. chip packets, plastic bags and cling wrap) are considered as a soft plastic and do not go in the recycling bin. Soft plastics go in the garbage bin or can be recycled at a local supermarket through Redcycle.
    • Flatten boxes and squash bulky containers down to save space
    • Minimise glass breakage where possible.