Rats and Mice (Rodents)

Rats and mice are rodents that carry disease and are a public health concern in the community. They breed rapidly in the right environment and can quickly also cause significant property damage.

    Signs of Rodent Activity

    Rodent activity commonly many signs.

    Preventing Rodent Activity

    Prevention can include simple things such as avoiding leaving food around such as pet food in bowls around but you can also take action.

    Controlling Rodent Activity

    If you have found signs of rodent activity on your property or nearby properties, there are a number of steps you can take:

    Location Responsibility Contact/Action

     Your Property

    The resident

    Lay traps inside the house and lockable bait stations in the rodent activity areas including under the house and in the roof space. Take care not to expose, children, pets or native animals to the baits. Information about native bird friendly rodent baits is available from the Birdlife Australia website.

    If the problem continues, contact a pest control company.

    Your Neighbour’s Property Your neighbour

    Speak to the property owner about your observations. Direct them to this page for information.

    If the problem continues, Contact Council.

    Council Property (including parks, nature strips, reserves or a Council building) Council Contact Council
    Food Premises The food premises owner Contact Council

    More Information

    For more information on rats and mice: