Integrated Water Management

Water plays an important role in Whitehorse. Finding smarter solutions to water conservation is essential as our climate changes and our population grows.  

Whether it comes from a tap or runs off a local road, all water in Whitehorse is valuable. Council has endorsed a new strategy to find practical ways to reduce dependence on drinking water for purposes like gardening, so we can make good use of stormwater and wastewater wherever possible. 

The new strategy will focus on three outcomes: 

  • Healthier landscapes and waterways, 
  • Reduction of flood risks, and 
  • All water is valued as a resource.

Council will continue to work closely with the community and other organisations with a role in water management.

This strategy also aligns with the State Government, Dandenong and Yarra Catchment Integrated Water Management Plans. Whitehorse City Council will continue to partner with the Department of Environment Land and Water Planning (DELWP) to support the broader catchment plans that will also provide benefits locally within the municipality. 

This Project has been assisted by the Victorian Government through Melbourne Water Corporation as part of the Living Rivers Stormwater Program.