Community Satisfaction Survey

The survey is conducted by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning on behalf of the City of Whitehorse where residents and ratepayers in the municipality over 18 years of age are selected at random. Your details and individual responses are confidential and only the overall results are shared with the City of Whitehorse.

The information provided from these surveys provide data to inform the Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (LGPRF) as well as providing information to assist Council to plan for current and future residents. We encourage everyone in the community to share their views about Council’s performance to help us improve and plan for the future.

Local Government Victoria’s annual Community Satisfaction Survey compiles community feedback on councils in five key performance areas:

  • council's overall performance
  • community consultation and engagement
  • advocacy – lobbying on behalf of the community
  • customer service
  • overall council direction

Current and past state wide Community Satisfaction Survey results can be viewed on the DELWP website

Surveys Results