2022 Whitehorse Calendar

Calling for submissions for our 2022 Whitehorse Calendar 

Our Whitehorse community contributed amazing and beautiful photos for our 2021 calendar. So we are asking our residents to get their cameras out again and get snapping. 
Our theme for the 2022 calendar is “Innovation and Creativity.” We’ve drawn on the Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision for this idea. The Vision was developed by a community panel, drawing on suggestions from many hundreds of residents. 

There are seven priority themes in the Vision, and “Innovation and Creativity” is one of them. 

“Our City is prepared for the future. We embrace creative thinking and innovation in civil (people) and civic (governance) infrastructure, society and community.”

This theme may inspire you to think about technology, art, craft or new processes or ways of thinking. You might think about creativity and innovation in the way we do business, teach our students or care for vulnerable members of our community. 

We are asking our residents to celebrate and capture Whitehorse in a different light by submitting new or old images. Whether you’re a budding photographer or simply have your camera phone ready, this is for you!

Your photos will go into the running to be part of our 2022 Whitehorse Calendar which will be posted out to Whitehorse residents at the end of this year. Please register for postage

Submissions for the 2022 Whitehorse calendar now open and will close 5pm Sunday 29 August 2021. 
Entry Details
Your Photo

For an image to be eligible for the calendar it must be:

  • taken within the City of Whitehorse 
  • your own original work
  • watermark free
  • a preferred landscape oriented photograph
  • approved for use by any people in the photograph and/or private land owners*

*Download the photo consent form.

For an image to be eligible for it must be:

  • taken within The City of Whitehorse 
  • watermark free; and 
  • the original work of the entrant 
  • permission must be sought for any people in the photo 
  • permission must be sought if taken on private land 
  • landscape orientation 
  • and high resolution 

Other general requirements
To be eligible you must live, work or study in The City of Whitehorse.

One file only.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
Select the checkbox to confirm this is a valid submission.

Photos from 2021 Whitehorse Calendar