2024 Whitehorse Calendar

The 2024 Whitehorse Calendar theme is Movement & Public Spaces.

To create this calendar we asked the community to send us photos of active transport like walking, bikes, prams and public transport. Plus photos of community activities like group sport, aqua play and the hustle and bustle of local parks in action. 

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    Photos from 2021 and 2022 Whitehorse calendar submissions

    10 steps for taking a great iPhone or Android photo

    1. Clean the lens for clear photos.
    2. Learn and adjust camera app settings.
    3. Use natural light whenever possible.
    4. Avoid digital zoom, get closer physically.
    5. Experiment with composition and angles.
    6. Enable gridlines for better framing.
    7. Tap to focus and adjust exposure.
    8. Hold the phone steady to avoid blur.
    9. Try HDR mode for challenging lighting.
    10. Edit photos to enhance them.