Whitehorse Sport and Recreation 2022 Civic Award

The Whitehorse Sport and Recreation Civic Award is awarded annually to a Sport and Recreation Club or community group based in the City of Whitehorse. The award is a perpetual trophy recognising clubs and organisations that have made an outstanding contribution to the local community. 

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Whitehorse Sport and Recreation Civic Award!

Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club

Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club’s Time/Out program, which was a six week, free, all-female and non-rugby program, attracted a wider group of women in the community to become more physically active.

After researching female participation trends in Victoria, the Club developed a ground-breaking program to address the gender-based number gap. The program registered 32 participants and helped provide confidence, physical and mental wellbeing, skill development and overcome fears.

Box Hill Rugby Union - Time Out