Whitehorse Asset Plan

On June 14 2022, the Whitehorse Asset Plan 2022-2032 was adopted by Council.

The Asset Plan ( PDF 2.81MB) is a key corporate document that informs the local community about how Council intends to manage its $1.6 Billion infrastructure asset portfolio.

The Plan, with a focus of over 10 years, provides an outlook of how Council plans to manage the community assets it owns or controls.

Purpose of the Plan

The purpose of the Asset Plan is to:

  • Ensure that our assets support the themes and objectives in our Community Vision and Council Plan.
  • Better inform the community on the assets under our custodianship, service levels and standards and financial capacity.
  • Improve the effectiveness of asset management planning through a more engaged community.
  • Embed asset management planning outcomes into our Integrated Strategic Planning and Reporting Framework.
  • Demonstrate we will responsibly manage our assets to meet the service delivery needs of our community into the future in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

Printed copies of the Asset Plan are available on request. If you would like a printed copy please phone Council on 9262 6333 or email customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au

Community Consultation

The Plan was developed in collaboration with the Whitehorse community through the Shaping Whitehorse community panel process.

This consultation was conducted via an online survey, pop up events, focus groups and a deliberative community panel.

Council worked directly with the community panel to ensure their views and aspirations were considered in the Plan.

The Plan also includes a set of guiding principles for Council to use when making future financial and asset management decisions for the Whitehorse community.