Corporate Documents

Council produces a range of key documents to provide easy access to information about Council and the municipality.

Annual Report

View Council's performance during the previous financial year, and the snapshot of the hundreds of services and programs that Council provides for its residents in the Annual Report.

Revenue and Rating Plan

The Revenue and Rating Plan outlines how Council will raise revenue to fund its services and capital works program, and deliver priority initiatives identified in the new Council Plan and Budget over the next 4 years. 


Discover what Council is funding over the next four years as part of the Budget 2024/2025.

Council Plan

Find out what Council has set out as the strategic objectives to pursue over the current four-year period in the Council Plan.

Financial Plan

Find out about Council’s long-term view of the future resources and funding sources to deliver our services, initiatives and capital works projects over the next 10 years in the Financial Plan.

Health and Wellbeing Plan 

The Health and Wellbeing Plan describes the work Council and its partners will do to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Whitehorse.

Gender Equality Action Plan 

The Gender Equality Action Plan outlines our commitment to actively promoting gender equality in our workforce and in the broader Whitehorse community. 

Asset Plan 

The Asset Plan is a key corporate document that informs the local community about how Council intends to manage its infrastructure asset portfolio.

Community Vision

This encapsulates the aspirations of community about the future of the City of Whitehorse. The Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision articulates this through seven themes, and key priority areas.

Performance Reports

Find information on how Council performs against key indicators and our progress in delivering the Council Plan.