Child Care and Kindergarten

Whitehorse Early Learning Services (WELS) has four Early Childhood Education and Care Centres offering Long Day Care and Funded Kindergarten. 

From Thursday 9 April at 6pm, child care and kindergarten services at Wattle Park Children’s Service Centre (CSC) and Lucknow St Children’s Services Centre will close, until further notice. 

Enrolments across Council’s four childcare and early learning centres have dropped by 60%. It is not viable to keep four centres open with such low enrolments, especially as we expect this situation to continue for some months. 

A decision has been taken to consolidate Whitehorse Early Learning Services down to two centres, at Blackburn and Vermont South. 

These two centres were chosen to remain open as they are close to public transport. 

This decision will ensure the future of WELS remains viable. 

Council apologises for the inconvenience that this may cause families. Families from the closing centres will be helped to transfer to Blackburn CSC or Vermont South CSC, or to find alternative suitable care arrangements. 

We are proud of the commitment our staff have to providing high quality care and education. Their professionalism in rapidly changing circumstances is deeply appreciated.


We offer full time and part time care for children aged 6 weeks until they start school. We are located in Blackburn, Burwood, Mitcham and Vermont South. The facilities range in size and capacity, with indoor spaces that transition seamlessly into natural outdoor play spaces.

The funded four-year-old kindergarten programs are delivered by qualified and passionate Early Childhood Teachers. The educational programs support children to develop and foster skills that enable them to become confident lifelong learners. 

Early Start Kindergarten Grant gives eligible children 15 hours of free or low-cost kindergarten a week.

WELS has a long standing reputation within the community for providing high quality education and care. The play based educational programs are guided by recognised early childhood frameworks.

Key Features of WELS Services

  • Accepting of children’s cultures and our diverse community
  • Inclusive of all abilities and developmental stages
  • Skilled and experienced leadership teams who manage the services
  • Dedicated and passionate qualified educators and teachers providing high quality service delivery
  • Bilingual support for children and families with English as a second language
  • Qualified cooks on site providing nutritiously balanced meals that encourage healthy eating habits
  • Specialised meals to cater for identified food allergies and cultural food preferences
  • Collaborative partnerships with families
  • Connections with the local communities
  • Established partnerships with other early childhood organisations.
  • Commitment to work within government regulations, guidelines, quality standards programs and frameworks

All of the centres strictly adhere to Department of Education and Training regulatory requirements and the National Quality Framework guidelines for Kindergarten, Educational and Care Services.

Other Childcare Information