Waiting List Application

If you would like your child to be considered for a place at one of our council centres, please complete and return this application. 

You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your application. 

It is unlikely a place will be available immediately. We are unable to predict the length of time that your child may remain on our waiting list before an offer will become available. As a GUIDE ONLY, offers for placement generally become available towards the end of a calendar year, for commencement around or after February of the following year. 

Council’s Kindergarten and Early Childhood Education priority of access policy means our centres offer places to families’ already receiving care in our centres first. They may be requiring extra days, a change of days or have another child waiting to start. 

If we still have places available and your child is the next child eligible for that place, we will be in contact with you. Once offered a place it is expected that your child would start orientation and commence care within 2 WEEKS of the date of offer. 

Waiting List Application - WELS

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Or expected delivery date
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Are there any other sibling/s currently on our waiting list?
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Commonwealth Government Priority of Access Guidelines
Priority of Access guidelines prioritise children who are classified as At Risk. If you believe your child falls in this category, the Director will be in contact with you to discuss this further. 
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Child Care Subsidy 
For assistance to help you with the cost of child care please visit Human Services website.

No Jab, No Play 
Further information on immunisation requirements for enrolment in early childhood services, including information on how to obtain the required documentation, is available on the State Government’s Better Health Channel.  

An Important Notice About Privacy 

Council believes that the responsible handling of personal information is a key aspect of democratic governance & is strongly committed to protecting an individual right to privacy. Accordingly, Council is committed to full compliance with its obligations under the Privacy and Data protection Act 2014 (Vic) & under the Health Records 2001 (Vic) Act. In particular, Council will comply with the Information Privacy Principles contained in both Acts. 

The personal information on this form is required to enrol or for your child to attend Whitehorse Early Learning Services. The information is used for administration purposes and to be able to contact you. The information may also be used to inform you of changes to our procedures or to ascertain your satisfaction with our services. The intended recipients of the information are authorised Council officers. Council may disclose the information to law enforcement agencies, courts and other organisations authorised to collect it. If you do not provide this information then your application may not be processed. If you have any questions please contact early childhood service administration officer on 9626 6476. You may view Council’s Privacy Policy or obtain a copy from any of the Council offices. 

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