Skip Bins and Shipping Containers

A Council permit is required to place a skip bin or similar waste container on Council land such as the nature strip, road, footpath, crossing or lane-way.

NOTE: Shipping containers are not allowed to be placed on any road or Council land due to their size and safety concerns.

Skip bins or waste containers placed on private property do not require a permit. However, they must be maintained in good order.

Who Can Apply for a Skip Bin Permit

Permits can only be issued to skip bin contractors – not residents. The Council skip bin permit cost will be included in the bin hire charge from the skip bin contractor. Skip Bin contractors can apply online for a Council Skip Bin Permit.

The placement of skip bins on City of Whitehorse streets is only legal if permitted by Council and they should only be placed on the road if it is not possible to place them on private land.

Permit Application Considerations

Council must receive permit applications at least 48 business hours prior to the placement of a bulk container or skip bin on the roadway. To avoid infringements or impoundment, skip bin contractors must adhere to the permit conditions.

The Permit assessment process may include an inspection of the site.

Fines can be issued for bins found on Council land that do not comply with Council's permit conditions may be impounded by Council and all costs involved will be charged directly to the skip bin owner.

Once the Skip Bin Permit Application is approved, the Permit will be emailed to the contractor.

Works Zone Permit Holders and Skip Bins

If you are the holder of a valid Works Zone Permit ( PDF 1.12MB), you may place the skip bin in the designated works zone at no additional charge. You are also NOT required to apply for a separate skip bin permit.

Permit Fees (Ex-GST)

  1. Skip Bin fee:  $116.00 for 5 days
  2. Additional fee to place Skip Bin in metered bays: $41 per bay per day