Skip Bins and Shipping Containers

A Council permit is required to place a skip bin or similar waste container on public land. The waste container must conform to the VicRoads Code of Practice for the Placement of Waste Bins on Road Sides ( PDF 441.88KB).

This includes the nature strip, road, footpath, crossing or lane-way. Shipping containers are not allowed to be placed on any road or Council land due to their size and safety concerns.

Bins placed on private property do not require a permit.  However they must be maintained in good order.

Who Can Apply for a Skip Bin Permit

Permits can only be issued to skip bin contractors who are accredited with Whitehorse City Council. Non-accredited skip bin contractors cannot place skip bins on a road or Council land.

Residents using skip bins located on Council land are not required to obtain a skip bin permit. The skip bin permit cost is included in the bin hire from the skip bin contractor.

A skip bin permit is not required if the skip bin is located on private land e.g. a private driveway.

Applying for Skip Bin Accreditation


Skip bin contractor companies need to apply to Council for accreditation by completing the Application for Skip Bin Accreditation form ( PDF 128.35KB) and supplying a copy of the Certificate of Currency of the contractor's Public Liability Insurance of at least $20 million (obtained from the insurance provider).

Skip bins cannot be placed on a road or Council land until the application has been approved.

Once the accreditation application from the skip bin contractor is approved, Council will send the contractor a link to apply for a Skip Bin Permit either

  • Online or
  • Via Post or email using hard copy application form

The charges and fee details will be provided on the Permit Application Form.

The Permit assessment process may include an inspection of the site by a Council Community Laws Officer.

Once the Skip Bin Permit Application is approved, the Permit will be emailed to the contractor.

At the end of each month, the fees and charges for the month will be calculated based on the applications made and an account will be sent to the contractor to make a payment within thirty (30) days of the date of invoice.

Permits are granted in accordance with Council Local Laws. 

Contractors must observe all conditions set by Council.