All buskers, performers, spruikers and pavement artists working in a Council space need to have a busking permit. 

Busking permits ensure that there are no venue booking clashes and busking is only allowed at Britannia Mall, Mitcham and some areas in the Box Hill Mall, Box Hill.

If you wish to perform on private land you will need to seek permission from the owner of that land and a Council permit is not needed.

Permit Conditions

  • Busking may only occur at Box Hill Mall or Britannia Mall
  • Permits can be issued for a period up to 12 months depending on availability. At the conclusion of the Busking Permit a new application form must be completed
  • That any drawings, sketches or other artwork made on any footpath must be easily erasable, in a non-permanent medium such as chalk, charcoal or pastel or be detrimental to the environment
  • That the permit holder is not to advertise or associate the busking activity with advertising in any performance
  • That the permit holder is not to sell or offer or expose for sale any article or commodity
  • Electronically amplified equipment is not permitted to be used
  • That the permit holder will comply with all directions by an authorised officers or a member of the police force, including a direction that busking cease or that the location of the busking be moved to lessen congestion or inconvenience to other persons
  • Whether the applicant has provided a Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency to the minimum value as specified by Council Risk Officer or nominated person with Council’s interest noted and confirming the activity as detailed on the application are covered under the policy
  • Any other condition which the Council considers to be appropriate.
  • Permission does not include the Whitehorse Plaza, Box Hill Central Shopping Centre, the footpaths outside the Malls or during the Art and Craft Markets
  • Council reserves the right to revoke permission or require your abstention from performing in the Malls at any time.

Applying for a Permit

To busk in a Council space, applicants must complete a Busking Permit Application Form ( DOCX 50.94KB) and submit it, with the specified payment amount, accompanying documentation and media to Council for consideration. Busking permit applications must be made at least 10 working days prior to the date you want to start.

If your application is unsuccessful, your application fee will be refunded in full.

Assessing Your Application

In deciding whether to grant a permit the Council must take into consideration:

  • Details supplied by the permit holder and their emergency contact numbers
  • The applicant’s record in conducting similar events or functions
  • The nature, time, location and duration of the proposed busking
  • Whether the material is deemed offensive or unsuitable
  • The effect on the quiet enjoyment of other users of the municipal place or road and the amenity of the area. As such, no sound amplification equipment may be used
  • Whether AS 1428.2 or other disability standards can be complied with including a minimum footpath width for pedestrian traffic of 1.8 metres is to be maintained in accordance with Disability Discrimination Act principles and relevant codes and standards
  • Whether any undue obstruction will be caused to pedestrians or vehicle traffic in the area specified
  • Whether any interference will be caused in relation to other approved activities in the area
  • Whether the proposed site is either Box Hill Mall or Britannia Mall.