All buskers, performers, spruikers and pavement artists working in a Council space need to have a busking permit.

Busking permits as specified under the Whitehorse Community Local Law 2014 ( PDF 280.06KB) S4.23 ensure that there are no venue booking clashes and busking is only allowed in the line-marked spaces at Britannia Mall, Mitcham and Box Hill Mall, Box Hill.

If you wish to perform on private land, a Council permit is not required. However, you will need to seek permission from the owner of that land.

Permit Fee (GST exempt)

The permit application fee is $54 (2023-24).

Note:If your application is unsuccessful, your application fee will be refunded in full.

Apply for a Permit Online

To busk in a Council space, applicants must complete an online Busking Permit Application form, supply the necessary documentation and pay the relevant fees.

Busking permit applications must be made at least 10 working days before to the date you want to start.

Renewing a Permit

You must lodge a new online application along with the required supporting documentation to renew your Busking Permit.