Charity Bins and Fundraising Activities

Fundraising or requesting donation of material items conducted on behalf of a charitable organisation approved under the Fundraising Act 1998, may only place a charity collection bin or collect donations or fundraise on Council land with a valid permit.

Fundraising in Box Hill and Britannia Malls

If you wish to fundraise in Box Hill or Britannia Malls, please be aware that:

  • Under the Whitehorse City Council Community Local Law (2014) S4.20 ( PDF 280.06KB), charity fundraisers require a permit ( DOCX 45.6KB) to operate on Council land
  • Face to face fundraising may only take place in the line-marked rectangular spaces at Britannia Mall, Mitcham and Box Hill Mall, Box Hill
  • Face to face fundraising in public places in Whitehorse is limited to members of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA). Any other fundraising or charity collections are not allowed
  • If you are a member of the PFRA, email details to
  • If you are not a member and require further information, email

Fundraising at Road Intersections

VicRoads Arterial Road Intersections

If you want to fundraise at VicRoads Declared Road intersections e.g. Whitehose Road, Elgar Road, Burwood Highway, Station Street, Springvale Road and Canterbury Road, you must obtain a permit from the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS).

Council-Managed Road Intersections

Under the Whitehorse City Council Community Local Law (2014) S4.20 ( PDF 280.06KB), if you want to fundraise at Council road intersections you first must obtain a Council Application to Fundraise or Collect Donations at Council Intersections permit ( DOCX 45.6KB). The permit is issued free of charge but is subject to conditions.

Charity Bins

Under the Whitehorse City Council Community Local Law (2014) S4.15 ( PDF 280.06KB), if you want to place a charity bin on Council land, you must complete and submit a Chairty Bin permit application form ( DOCX 44.95KB).