Election Activities and Signage

Whitehorse City Council supports election campaign activities in line with freedom of expression, fair access and public safety and amenity.

Some activities require a Council permit, some are allowed without a Council permit and some are not allowed at all. Find out more below.

The Whitehorse City Council Local Law ( PDF 280.06KB) guides Council Officers in making decisions about election activities.

Election Activities that need a Council Permit

Activity Explanation
Promotional stalls set up on footpaths or the designated spaces at Box Hill or Britannia Malls and any other Council-owned land Stalls with a table and chairs, picket sign or A-frame or banner or teardrop sign

Apply for an Election Activity Permit

If the applicant wants to use the space for something other than a temporary promotional stall, other permits may be required. Please contact Council and ask to speak with the Community Safety Department.

Election Activities Allowed Without a Council Permit

Activity Explanation
Pamphlet or flyer distribution

Dropping election materials in residents' letterboxes

Door knocking Visiting local resident and business premises
Signs and banners displayed on vehicle and/or trailer when they are in transit A mobile election poster on a trailer or truck
Signs and banners displayed on parked vehicles and trailers or as free standing signs or attached to private structure on private land

A trailer with a billboard or A-frame sign.


  • You need permission from the landowner
  • Signs must not be displayed more than 3 months before polling day 
  • Signs must be removed no later than 14 days after polling day
  • Signs must be no larger than 5m2 
  • One sign per property

Election Activities Not Allowed (Penalties may apply)

Activity Explanation
Signs or banners on a vehicle or trailer parked on Council-controlled land

Advertising on a vehicle or trailer in a park, garden, reserve, nature strip or road-related area.

Signs and banners on Council-controlled structures and assets

Coreflute signs on median strip or council property fences.

Bill posters (stuck as posters or stickers) affixed to surfaces

Bill postings on council-owned buildings, council-owned fences, public rubbish bins, residential rubbish bins, power poles and utilities is considered to be littering.

Placing loose flyers under car window wipers

This is considered to be the same as bill posting.

Operating promotional stalls on Council-controlled land without a permit May result in the impounding of furniture and signs.

Impounded Election Signs/Furniture

Any advertising sign or furniture displayed without a valid permit may be impounded by an authorised officer. Penalties may also apply.


Without prior written approval, Bill posting (posters) and the handing out of material without a permit may be considered littering and will be dealt with under the relevant provisions of the Environment Protection Act (2017). Penalties may apply for any breaches detected.


Both the Whitehorse Planning Scheme and Community Local Law ( PDF 280.06KB) provide for penalties for any breaches detected by authorised Officers.