Gas, Water, Electricity or Phone Utility Outages

Gas, water, electricity or phone utility outages can occur at any time and can be caused by heatwaves, bushfires, storms, tree branches and car accidents. In addition, burrowing animals, construction work, and tree roots can damage underground cables and pipes.

You can help prevent utility outages by monitoring the size and health of trees. Tree branches can damage power and telephone lines and their roots can damage gas and water pipes. Contact a qualified tree clearing professional if the tree is on your property or the Council or your electricity distributor if the tree is in the street.

DO NOT attempt to remove or prune trees near powerlines yourself, even if they are on your property.

Always Dial Before You Dig to prevent damage to gas and water pipes or underground electrical and telecommunications cables when undertaking construction work.

If you receive a notification card, email or text message from your gas, electricity, water or telecommunications provider, the notification will tell you what is causing the outage and should provide you instructions on next steps.

For an unplanned outage, be prepared to evacuate the area if there is a gas leak, water mains burst or electrical emergency by developing a home or business emergency plan.

Businesses should prepare a business continuity plan for loss of business due to an outage.

For people using electrically powered life-support equipment or medical equipment, ask your doctor about emergency battery backup systems and registering the use of life-support equipment with your energy supplier.

During a Gas, Water, Electricity or Phone Outage

After a Gas, Water, Electricity or Phone Outage

fter a gas, water, electricity or phone utility outage of any type, review your emergency and business continuity plans and make updates from lessons learned