Where You Cannot Park in Whitehorse

You cannot stop or leave a vehicle parked if the Road Safety Road Rules Victoria (2017) do not allow it.

The most common illegal parking situations in the City of Whitehorse are parking:

  • For longer than the time allowed on the parking sign.
  • In a permit zone where the correct permit is not displayed or no permit is visible.
  • Double (double parking).
  • In a school crossing zone (No stopping zone).
  • Too close to an intersection or pedestrian crossing.
  • Across a lane or private driveway.
  • And leaving less than 3 metres of road clear for traffic.
  • On the wrong side of the road (facing opposite the direction of travel).
  • On a footpath, naturestrip or reservation.
  • In a no stopping zone.
  • On a clearway. NOTE: Your vehicle may be towed and impounded by the Department of Transport.
  • In a bus or transit lane.
  • Opposite continuous white lines.

To find out more about how to park legally, visit the VicRoads website.