Easy Ride Routes

Riding a bike is a simple and easy form of transport. We are keen to bust the myth that you have to be a certain age or fitness level to use a bike to get around. We’ve developed a network of low-stress local streets and off-road cycle paths to help make cycling to work or the shops safe and comfortable. 

The Easy Ride Routes mainly use quieter local roads and sections of informal paths through local parks and reserves. Riders should take care and ride within their abilities and to the conditions.

On local roads, the routes use several different bicycle road markings that encourage drivers to be aware of people on bikes and to help direct bicycle riders along routes that have low traffic volumes and speeds to make riding safer and more pleasant for everyone. There is further information about the different road markings below.

The Whitehorse Cycling Network

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What are the different markings?

There are a few of different types of bicycle symbols that make up the Easy Ride Routes. Learn more about them below.