Whitehorse City Council is committed to ensuring that everyone has access to a range of transport options that are sustainable, convenient, accessible, safe and enhance the liveability of the city.

This includes options like walking, cycling, using public transport as well as by motor vehicle.

Learn more from our Transport Factsheet.

Improving Transport Options

The information below outlines Council's strategy for improving transport in Whitehorse, including Box Hill ITS (Integrated Transport Strategy) document.

Travel Smart Map

The TravelSmart Map is a pocket sized map that helps to plan trips by walking, cycling and public transport.


Every trip starts and finishes with a walk (or at least as a pedestrian). Learn more about Walking in Whitehorse


Cycling is a healthy and efficient way to get around. Find out more about Cycling in Whitehorse.

School Programs

Council offers a range of programs to support safe and active travel to school. Learn more about the Programs for Schools

Public Transport

A quality public transport system makes good cities, great cities. Learn more about Public Transport.