Subdivision and Consolidation

The most common form of subdivision application is when a development has been approved for more than one dwelling or commercial use on a property, and the owner(s) wish to subdivide the land and gain new titles each of the new buildings.

Applications for subdivision of vacant land (vacant lot subdivision) can also be submitted to Council, although it is preferred that a development application be considered first, which would enable the subdivision to be procedural.

Vacant lot subdivisions require notification to neighbouring property owners/occupiers, who may object on the basis of not knowing what will be constructed on each of the new lots created. As Council does not know what will be built it is difficult to assess whether the subdivision is appropriate or workable. This may result in more onerous restrictions being placed on each lot and on each new title or in refusal of the application.

Applications for consolidation of titles are also applied for and assessed by Council. This is where more than one parcel of land is joined together (consolidated) and new titles issued.

What permissions do I need?

  • Planning Permit for Subdivision
  • Certification and Statement of Compliance

Once Council has completed the planning permit and certification processes, the plan can be lodged at Land Victoria for registration and the issuing of separate titles.

Subdivision Permit Process Explained

Refer to the Subdivision Permit Process for more detailed information about the subdivision and certification process.