Megamile West and Blackburn Village

The MegaMile was designated as a Major Activity Centre (MAC) under the state government’s former metropolitan strategy, Melbourne 2030. Blackburn Village is a Neighbourhood Activity Centre (NAC).

For the purposes of strategic planning, the MegaMile has been split into east and west. MegaMile (West) and Blackburn form the study area of this Urban Design Framework ( PDF 3.58MB). Strategic work for MegaMile (East) is included in the Nunawading MegaMile & Mitcham Structure Plan.

The Urban Design Framework ( PDF 3.58MB)is a tool used by Council to guide the future growth for the study area for the next 15 years in a sustainable manner that reflects the communities needs, values and aspirations.  It contains a vision for both the MegaMile (west) Major Activity Centre and the Blackburn NAC which outlines the future role of both centres and reinforces the direction for the centres moving forward.

The Urban Design Framework ( PDF 3.58MB)was finalised after review of community feedback.  At its meeting on 26 July 2010, Council adopted the MegaMile (west) and Blackburn Activity Centres Urban Design Framework.

For further information on MegaMile West and Blackburn Village please contact the Strategic Planning Department on 9262 6303 or email