Student Accommodation Study

Students live in a range of accommodation types.  From strictly managed on-campus residential colleges to informal and unmanaged housing on the open market, these different types of housing vary in location, design, quality and facilites.

The Victorian student population is growing overall and is a major export driver in the Victorian economy. In 2016, the sector generated $7.1 billion in export revenue for the State and supported over 30,000 Victorian jobs. The City of Whitehorse captures a proportion of this due to the presence of two key tertiary institutions;

  • Box Hill Institute (approximately 37,000 students in 2018); and
  • Deakin University (approximately 28,000 students in 2018).

The first Whitehorse Student Accommodation Strategy was developed in 2006 and resulted in a Policy at Clause 22.14 of the Whitehorse Planning Scheme. After using the existing policy for nearly 10 years and in light of the growth in the municipality’s student population, it was considered necessary to undertake a wider investigation of issues perceived to be associated with accommodation of students in Whitehorse and do a review of the current local policy in the planning scheme.

The Student Accommodation Study resulted in a Background Document ( PDF 3.12MB) that explores a range of issues including:

  • Current and future student housing needs
  • Accommodation types
  • Design and amenity
  • Traffic and car parking
  • Access
  • Private and communal open space
  • The regulatory framework
  • Student welfare and
  • General amenity.

A Student Accommodation Strategy ( PDF 603.92KB) has been produced which identifies strategies and recommendations for managing these issues. Both the Background Document and the Strategy inform a revised Local Policy for Clause 22.14 of the Whitehorse Planning Scheme.

At its meeting on 20 August 2018 ( PDF 67.88KB), Council resolved to adopt the City of Whitehorse Student Accommodation Strategy and to initiate a planning scheme amendment to update the Student Accommodation Local Policy at Clause 22.14 of the Whitehorse Planning Scheme.

For more information about the amendment, visit Amendment C213 page

Further Information

Further information regarding Rooming Houses, such as shared accommodation and prescribed accommodation and the legislative requirements and guidelines associated with running these facilities, are available on our Rooming House page

For further information regarding the Student Accommodation Study, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit on 9262 6303 or email