Plant and Equipment Permit

If you are using a crane (including support equipment) or placing plant and equipment such as scissor lifts, excavator or concrete pumps on Council land you will need a Plant and Equipment permit.

Any impact or restriction on pedestrian or traffic movement will also require a Temporary Road Closure permit. Any work undertaken outside of normal working hours will also require an Out of Hours permit.

Important Information

  • Permit allows for placement of plant and larger equipment on Council assets per day
  • All plant and equipment must be removed from site each day unless approved by Council before permit is issued
  • The cost of your permit will be made up of the following:
    • Daily permit charge plus
    • Daily inspection charge 
  • Find out if you also require an Asset Protection Permit.

How to apply

Lodge your application online with the following information:

  • The Application Fee is paid at the time of submitting online.
  • Related permit numbers as applicable (Planning Permit, Building Permit, Asset Protection, Protection of the Public Regulation R116)
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Certificate of currency (COC) of contractor carrying out works ($10M minimum)

For crane occupation the following are also required:

  • External authority approval (if applicable)*
    • External authorities such as Yarra Trams and CitiPower request approval for any works carried out near to their assets
  • Crane Lift Plan
    • including an overlay on an aerial map of the site plan, crane setup with dimensions including outriggers, supporting vehicles and flight path
  • Protection works notice if a crane lift is occurring over a third party land
  • After care plan showing crane and support vehicles are to be stored outside of permit hours if on Council land
  • A crane specific Traffic Management Plan to include a full detour plan (if applicable) and full area of occupation including crane, supporting vehicles, equipment and materials.

Please note - for any heavy vehicle movement consent must be obtained from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and submitted with your application.

*External authority agencies may include:

VicRoads Memorandum of Authorisation (MOA), required for use of traffic control devices on VicRoads owned roads. 13 11 70
CitiPower Any works within a No Go Zone defined area 1300 301 101
Yarra Trams No Go Zone/Line Clearance approval 9610 3305
Transdev Melbourne Bus routes and bus stops 9610 2350
Metro Trains any works that may be within close proximity to Metro assets or may have an impact on Metro operations 9428 2100