Temporary Road Closures

If you need to close a road or make changes to existing pedestrian and vehicle traffic management, you will need to apply for a Temporary Road Closure permit. This includes footpaths and naturestrips.

All road closures must meet the requirements of:

Road Closures on Arterial (Main) Roads

For road closures on arterial (main) roads you will need to contact VicRoads/Department of Transport.

All other roads are Council roads. For road closures on Council roads you will need a Temporary Road Closure Permit (below).

Please Note: If the proposed road closure requires the placement of temporary traffic management signage on an arterial road reserve, a signed 'Memorandum of Approval (MOA) from the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) must be submitted as part of the application otherwise Council will not issue consent for the proposed road closure.

Check the map to find out if your proposed road closure is on a Council road or arterial road.

For temporary closures in Box Hill Mall please contact Council's Transport team on 9262 6177 before submitting an application.

How do I apply for a Temporary Road Closure Permit?

We want to help you as quickly as possible. Please read through the information below to ensure you submit all the required information when you apply online:

Who can apply?

  • Property owner(s)
  • Builders or developers
  • Contractors undertaking works
  • Traffic management companies


  • Permit fees 
  • Other fees may be applicable if additional permits or approvals are required – either from Council or from another authority. 

How long does it take?

Allow 5 business days for processing and assessment of your application. You must not close off the road until you receive a permit.

There are several things that may delay your application:

  • Incomplete or incorrect application - if you do not provide all of the information and payment required.
  • If additional permits or approvals are required – either from Council or from another authority.
  • Non-compliant Traffic Management Plans – these will not be supported and revisions may be required.


Once your application is approved, we will email a permit to you. Temporary Road closure permits are valid for the dates listed on the permit. The permit will include the standard terms and conditions for road closures and any other requirements specific to your application.

A copy of the permit must be kept onsite for the duration of the closure.

Changing Dates

If you need to change the date(s) of the road closure due to unforeseen circumstances, the permit holder will need to submit a written request to road.closures@whitehorse.vic.gov.au at least 3 business days prior to any road closure. The email should include the relevant permit number, the address or location of the closure, the proposed change of dates and the reason for changing dates.

If the change of date(s) is approved, an amended permit will be issued. The permit holder must also notify the community where relevant at least 48 hours prior to the proposed road closure.


For more information about Temporary Road Closure Permits phone Engineering & Investment Administration on 9262 6177.