Step 4 - Apply for an Inspection of Works on an Arterial (Main) Road

Once you have received written consent or exemption from VicRoads, before you start the works, you will need to apply for a Council inspection of the works. 

The inspection ensures that the proposed works will be completed to a satisfactory standard and are in line with VicRoads' requirements.

Apply online  and pay the required fee

You will need to attach the following documentation to your application for an inspection:

  • Copy of VicRoads consent/exemption, usually in the form of an email from VicRoads.
  • Plan or diagram of the proposed works, Council-approved drainage plan if applicable.
  • The contractor’s public liability insurance certificate that:
    • Is valid for the period of the vehicle crossing works
    • Is for a minimum of $10 million cover
    • Is a 'certificate of currency' (we cannot accept an invoice or schedule)
  • Any other written approvals from any other relevant authorities or Council departments.

You must not start works until the site is inspected and works are approved by a Council inspector. 

We will contact you within 3 working days to book the inspection.

Onsite Inspection

A Council Inspector will conduct an onsite assessment. This will be on a weekday, Monday-Friday, between 9:30am and 1:30pm - the last inspection starts at 12:30pm. 

If you choose not to attend the inspection, the inspector will contact you if they have any questions or need further information about the proposed work.


Once your application is assessed in accordance with the VicRoads consent/exemption, we will send you a confirmation letter by email.

Council does not issue a permit for works on arterial roads. 

Pre-Pour Inspections (Vehicle Crossings) and Construction Inspections (Drainage)

The Council Inspector will check the vehicle crossing setup before the concrete is poured or check the drainage connection before it is back-filled. The contractor should be onsite during the inspection.

  • The pre-pour/construction inspection can be booked by either the permit holder or the contractor by phoning Engineering Administration on 9262 6177 at least 3 business days before you intend to start work. 
  • The exact booking time you require may not always be available, depending on demand.

Important Information

All works must be completed with the appropriate permits and consents, to the satisfaction of Council.

For more information phone Engineering Administration on 9262 6177.