Approval of Drainage Plans

If required by the Stormwater Report, a Council Engineer will need to assess a drainage design prepared by a certified engineer.

Where a Planning Permit has been issued for development work within Whitehorse, civil or drainage plans must be submitted to Council for approval. A civil or drainage plan must also be submitted for approval where outfall drains are to be constructed for any other development not requiring a Planning Permit (including single dwellings, extensions to existing dwellings, garages).

Once you have obtained a Planning Permit (if required) and a Storm Water Legal Point of Discharge has been issued by Council, engineering civil or drainage plans are required to be submitted to the Engineering Asset Team in the Engineering and Environmental Services Department for checking and approval.

Fees apply for plans to be checked and approved. 

Apply for approval of Engineering Civil Plans (Including Drainage):

1. Download the Application Form - Approval of Engineering Civil Plans (Including Drainage) ( PDF 904.64KB)

2. You will also need to include:

Once you have received Council approval of the plan, you will need to apply for a permit before starting works.