Inside the Surrey Hills Collection

Date: From Thursday 10 September 2020
Cost: Free

The Surrey Hills Historical Society Inc. is located at the Surrey Hills Neighbourhood House and is a volunteer based organisation. Maintaining a close working relationship with Whitehorse Historical Society and Box Hill Historical Society, Surrey Hills collect material relating to the post code of 3127 which includes Mont Albert and Surrey Hills, both in Whitehorse and crossing in to Boroondara.

The Surrey Hills Historical Society has a largely paper-based collection that dates back to the late 1970s. Photos are the collection’s backbone and provide clues to our changing environment and the way we used to live. Find out more in the video below.

Whitehorse City Council would like to thank the Surrey Hills Historical Society for their involvement in this online iteration of Heritage Week. They have deftly embraced a new normal as they, along with other organisations have endured closures due to the pandemic this year. We gratefully present to you their contribution to Whitehorse Heritage Week 2020 titled, Inside the Surrey Hills Collection.

For more information about the Surrey Hills Historical Society, please visit