Planning a Plastic Free Event in Whitehorse

Whitehorse City Council is committed to reducing waste generated at events, in particular single-use plastics.

We have developed the Planning A Plastic Free Event Guidelines ( PDF 9.65MB) to help event planners in Whitehorse to plan a plastic free event. This guide supports event organisers and vendors to avoid single-use plastics and encourage the use of reusable alternatives. Single-use plastics include items such as plates, bowls, cups, straws, cutlery, bags, bottled water, condiment sachets and containers, cling wrap and soft plastic food packaging. 

Why are single-use plastics a problem?

Single-use plastics are a major problem because they: 

  • Are wasteful, unnecessary and used only for a short period of time 
  • Only 13% of single-use plastic is recycled, which means 87% is sent to landfill or ends up as litter, and the materials and resources are lost (National Plastics Plan, 2021) 
  • Many single-use plastic items are difficult and economically unviable to recycle due to their shape, size and plastic-type (DELWP, 2021)
  • Approximately 130,000 tonnes of plastic enters our waterways and leaks into the marine environment each year in Australia (National Plastics Plan, 2021).

Why is it important to reduce them?

By eliminating single-use plastics from events you can: 

  • Reduce waste to landfill 
  • Reduce the demand for these products 
  • Reduce litter and its impact on wildlife, waterways and public amenity 
  • Increase awareness about the impacts that single-use plastics have on our community and the environment.

Resources to Become a Event Waste Wise