Bin Terms, Conditions and Charges

When using Council's bin services the following Terms, Conditions and Charges apply.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant must be the owner (pays rates) or managing agent. Tenants must contact the owner or managing agent and ask them to submit a request on their behalf - applications from tenants will not be processed. 
  2. Real estate agents may act on behalf of owners upon provision of managing authority to Council. Real estate agents must submit the property’s managing authority with each application. 
  3. Council may contact the owner and/or occupant to organise the exchange or retrieval of bins.
  4. Bins are assigned to the property and remain the property of Whitehorse City Council and must not be removed from the property including change of tenants or property sale.
  5. In instances where a Waste Management Plan has been completed with approved Council services Council will supply bins according to this plan.
  6. Council reserves the right to remove bins or refuse delivery of bins to multi-unit properties without a Waste Management Plan with approved Council services.
  7. If the property undergoes major modification, is demolished or the site is vacant, the bins must be cancelled and will be removed. When the property receives a certificate of occupancy and Council is advised the property or building is occupied, the bins will be reinstated. Council does not supply bins to vacant properties.
  8. Council supplied bins will be collected from the kerbside or otherwise nominated collection point on nominated collection day.
  9. Requests for a missed collection should be made within 2 days from your collection day. After we receive your notification our waste collection contractor will return within 2 working days.
  10. Incorrect bin usage may result in Council withdrawing the service. 
  11. Bin users are responsible for maintaining bins in a clean and usable condition.
  12. Council must be notified of any damaged or stolen bins, no refunds will be issued for failure to notify Council.
  13. Bins that need to be retrieved must be left out for emptying and collection as advised by Council.
  14. Payment for any bins must not be sent with application forms. Waste Service Charges will be listed on the rate notice (or updated rate notice) which is sent to the rate payer.
  15. Council or its contractors may undertake an audit of any Council bins  including but not limited to; making a visual inspection of the contents, checking the unique bin serial number and inspecting the condition of the bin, bins out for collection are subject to such checks. 
  16. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the property number on any bin delivered by Council is clear and matches the rateable address of the property. New or replacement numbers can be requested from Council.
  17. Litter surrounding or placed next to a bin is the responsibility of the property owner or tenant residing at the property the bin is allocated to.
  18. Owners must submit a request in writing for any waivers or exemption requests for bin fees. 
  19. Fees are applicable for the 2023/24 financial year. Fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to change. 
  20. Waste service charges are calculated on a pro-rata basis. Pro-rata fees apply to applications received after the start of the financial year (1 July). 
  21. Registration fees and service fees of services already provided or not cancelled are non-refundable. 
  22. The resident may place all refuse excluding recyclables from the property providing the total weight of the bin and its contents does not exceed 70kg and the lid is properly closed. 
  23. Non-payment of fees will result in optional services being withdrawn and the bin(s) being retrieved, and will incur charges for service until date of bin retrieval. 
  24. Kerbside Waste Service Charge will be applied  where an optional garbage bin is retrieved due to non payment of garbage bin fees. 
  25. Cancellations - fees will continue to be charged until such time Council receives cancellation advice from you and the bin is retrieved. 
  26. The resident may place all refuse or recyclables or food and garden organics from the property as defined in Council's Household Recycling and Waste Service Guide ( PDF 5.15MB) providing the total weight of the bin and its contents does not exceed 70kg and the lid is properly closed.
  27. Property owners may lodge a maximum of two requests per financial year regarding changes to their bin configuration. This includes new bins and changes to bin sizes. Exceptions may be granted where there is a change in ownership, a change in tenant, or other exceptional circumstance.
  28. For further information, read Council's Waste Service Charge Policy ( PDF 492.4KB)


Bin Charges

Waste Service Charges 2024-25
Fee Type Annual Fee (GST free)                                                                  

Kerbside Waste Service Charge

(1x80 litre garbage bin and 1x recycling bin)

Public Waste Service Charge $75.10
Supplementary Bin Charge See below
Garbage Bin Fees 2023-24
Capacity Number of Bins for Capacity Annual Fee (GST free)
80 Litres (standard bin)                                  1 (limit of 1 per household)         Included in Kerbside Waste Service Charge
120 Litres 1 $71.00
200 Litres 2 (80L + 120L) $295.00
240 Litres 1 (1 x 240L) or 2 (2 x 120L)    $366.00
320 Litres 2 (80L + 240L) $590.00
360 Litres 2 (120L + 240L) $661.00
480 Litres 2 (2 x 240L) $956.00
Recycling Bin Fees 2024-25
Bin Type Annual Fee (GST free)
First Recycling Bin Included in Kerbside Waste Service Charge
Additional Recycling Bin                $60.00
Food and Garden Organics (FOGO) Bin Fees 2024-25
Bin Size Annual Fee (GST free)
140 litres $74.00
240 litres 98.00

Note: the 2022/23 FOGO New User fee is no longer available. Standard fees will apply to all properties in the 2024/25 financial year.