Bin Collection Day

We collect bins with a City of Whitehorse, City of Nunawading or City of Box Hill branding stamped on the bin. Other wheeled bins are not collected by our kerbside service. 

To find your bin collection days you can:

Bin Collection Checklist

  • Put your bins out the night before collection day
  • Place bins near the kerb with handles facing away from the road
  • Leave 50cm between bins, trees or street lights
  • Keep 1m spacing between bins and the car
  • Make sure the bin lid can close and do not fill to more than 70kg
  • Bring your bins back to your property within 24 hours of collection
  • Do not squash the items in the bin, this can result in the waste being jammed and difficulty emptying
  • Place waste inside the bin: extra bags or boxes will not be collected
  • Place the bins side by side, not behind other bins
  • Place bins clear from overhead wires and trees
  • Do not place batteries or items containing batteries in your kerbside bins. Batteries pose serious health and safety issues, such as leaching toxic chemicals to the environment and starting fires. Dispose of the safely via a battery recycling drop off point. Visit Other Recycling and Disposal Options for locations.

Tips for Courts and Apartments

Some things to consider for bin collections at these streets and properties.

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Recycling and Garden Organics Collection Calendar for Area 1

Recycling and Garden Organics Collection Calendar for Area 2

About Our Bin Services

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