Gold Star Recycling Program

We have a Gold Star Recycling education program that rewards residents for recycling right.

Whitehorse residents are keen recyclers. Most residents want to do the right thing and recycle right. To help, our Gold Star Recycling team regularly do visual checks of household recycling and garbage bins and provide feedback tags. These tags provide pointers and information on how to be a top recycler.

Why Recycling Right is Important

Recycling minimises waste sent to landfill, reduces the demand for new materials and reduces water and energy needed to make new products.

Putting the wrong thing in your recycling bin causes big problems in the recycling process. Which can include:

  • Damaging the collection vehicles
  • Health hazards for people sorting recycling at the recycling sorting facility
  • Contaminating the whole truck load
  • Forcing materials to be landfilled
  • Increased service costs.