Waste Service Charge Help

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You can submit a Waste Service Charge Enquiry below. First check the following resources that might answer your question:

Note: if you have recently requested a change to the bins at your property (eg. bin cancellation):

  • Your Rate Notice may not reflect these changes, however the charges will be updated on your Rates Account. If you pay your Rates in instalments, you will need to pay the first instalment as listed on your Rate Notice and future instalments will be adjusted. If you pay your Rates in full, the adjustment will appear on your January reminder notice.
  • If our contractor was unable to find the bin on your naturestrip, they will not have been able to carry out your request. This means that all bins located at the property will continue to be charged in accordance with Council’s Bin Terms, Conditions and Charges. We do endeavour to contact you to reschedule these requests. If you wish to reschedule an outstanding request, please contact us on 9262 6333.

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Or you can also submit an online request to Order, Repair, Swap or Cancel bins