Recycling Plastics – What the Numbers Mean

On most plastic bottles, jars, containers and other packaging, you’ll find the recycling symbol with a number in the middle, and sometimes letters underneath. These are voluntary industry codes that indicate what type of plastic resin is used in the product. 

They are no longer used to indicate if something can be placed in your recycle bin, as sometimes packaging may have the same number but may not be recyclable or some packaging may not include the code.

Plastic items that can be recycled are containers, jars and bottles from the bathroom, kitchen and laundry, such as biscuit trays (not the outer wrapper), yoghurt containers, drink bottles, berry punnets and sauce bottles.

You can also look out for the Australasian Recycling Label on some packaging. The label shows how to dispose of each piece of packaging.

Plastic codes

Read more information on what can be recycled or send your recycling questions to or call 9262 6333.