Sustainability at Council

Sustainable climate and environmental care is a key focus for Council. Our work is guided by our Climate Response Strategy and Plan which were adopted by Council on 27 November 2023. This follows on from Council declaring a Climate Emergency on 12 September 2022. Along with other environmental sustainability strategies, the Climate Response Strategy supports Council to take a leadership role in addressing climate change consistent with Whitehorse’s Community Vision.

Our Climate Response Strategy targets are:

  • Maintain carbon neutral status for corporate emissions
  • Source 100 per cent renewable electricity for Council operations by 2025
  • Achieve net zero corporate emissions by 2032
  • Aspire for net zero community emissions by 2040

Reducing Council's Impact on Climate Change

Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

$2 million worth of fast-tracked energy efficiency upgrades will be installed at Council buildings over the next two years.

Solar panels on Eley Park Community Centre