Reduce Your Home's Energy Use

Changing our habits at home can reduce our impact on the environment, even in small ways such as choosing more efficient appliances, insulating and draught proofing your home will make a difference.

By remembering to switch off appliances at the wall when we’re not using them, installing energy efficient appliances - such as split system air conditioners, hot water heat pumps, and induction stove tops - and using solar panels for renewable energy, we can make a difference.

Planning for, and switching to, an all-electric home will help decrease our energy usage, energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

What’s Next?

  • For information and tips on energy efficiency, draught proofing, reducing emissions, recycling, reducing waste and community and business grants visit Sustainability Victoria's website.
  • For information on the Victorian Government's solar PV, batteries and solar hot water rebates program, visit Solar Victoria's website.
  • To compare energy retailers, visit the independent Victorian Government price comparison site for current retail offers electricity, gas and solar feed-in tariffs Victorian Energy Compare.
  • Visit the Victorian Energy Upgrades website for information about discounts on installation of eligible energy efficient appliances via accredited Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) providers. Appliances include clothes dryers; fridges and freezers; heating and cooling; home energy assessments; hot water systems; insulation; lighting; televisions; pool pumps; shower heads; weather sealing and window glazing.
  • Learn more about the Residential Efficiency Scorecard national program that rates the energy efficiency of existing homes. Scorecard assessments are performed by government-accredited assessors that also provide tailored recommendations for improvements to reduce energy bills, go all-electric and make your home more comfortable. 
  • For more information about becoming all electric at home and getting off gas, visit the non-profit organisation Renew's Getting Off Gas Toolkit website.