Tree Education Program

Council’s Tree Education Program raises awareness of the benefits of trees in an urban environment. Trees provide many environmental, social and health benefits to the municipality.

Trees absorb air pollutants and release oxygen, provide shade for humans and shelter for local wildlife; they add value to surrounding properties; and they give us peace of mind and make our streets more attractive, green and liveable.


Tree Education Events

Trees keep our suburbs healthy and make them an inviting place to live. We rely on the benefits of trees and other plants on public and on private land. Whitehorse runs a series of events to inform residents and inspire everyone to keep growing green and biodiverse gardens.

Significant Trees

Whitehorse maintains a register of trees that are deemed to be significant under the following criteria:

  • Historical significance 
  • Rare/Localised distribution 
  • Horticultural/Genetic value 
  • Curious growth form 
  • Outstanding size 
  • Outstanding example of species 
  • Particularly old 
  • Aesthetic value 
  • Aboriginal culture 
  • Unique location/Context 
  • Unique environmental contribution 

The purpose of keeping the list is to provide recognition of the contribution of these trees to the landscape.  These specific Significant Trees are protected under the Vegetation Protection Overlay of the Whitehorse Planning Scheme. The Significant Tree List can be view by suburb under the Vegetation Protection Overlay.

You can check if there is a Significant Tree on your property using Whitehorse Maps and selecting the Planning Overlays Map.

To determine whether you require a planning permit before you remove or lop trees on private property refer to Tree Protection within Whitehorse. Substantial penalties apply for illegal tree removal or lopping.