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Applications for the 2020/21 Whitehorse Community Grants will open at 9am on Monday 10 February and close at 12.00 noon on Friday 13 March.

Whitehorse City Council allocates funding to the Community Grants Program on an annual basis. The Community Grants Program supports incorporated and not for profit organisations and associations that are based in the City of Whitehorse to deliver programs, services, projects, initiatives and activities contributing to the health and wellbeing of our community.

Council can help you with a Community Grant

The best way to find out more information is to read the Community Grants Program – 2020 Guidelines ( DOCX 524.58KB). The guidelines cover important information, including: essential eligibility criteria, the types of grants available and a complete overview of the Community Grants processes and lifecycle.

Two information sessions will be held on 25 February for anyone requiring assistance with applying for a Whitehorse Community Grant. More information and registration.

Many Community Groups have used Council Community Grants to help their projects come to fruition. Here are some examples.




About the Community Grants Program

The Community and City Council vision is for a healthy, vibrant, prosperous and sustainable community supported by strong leadership and community partnerships and is implemented though the Whitehorse Council Plan ( PDF 1.96MB) as well as other Strategic Plans across council.

The current Council Plan guides the work of Council and contains five key strategic directions: 

  1. To support a healthy, vibrant, inclusive and diverse community.
  2. To maintain and enhance the built environment to ensure a liveable and sustainable city.
  3. To protect and enhance open space and natural environments
  4. To provide strategic leadership and open and accessible government
  5. To support a healthy local economy

The Whitehorse Community Grants Program responds to:

Strategic Direction 1

To support a healthy vibrant, inclusive and diverse community.

Goal 1.1

A safe, inclusive, resilient and diverse community which benefits from good health and wellbeing through the delivery of services, facilities and initiatives.

The Community Grants Program aims to facilitate the development of innovative programs that align with the community priorities and one or more of the strategic directions contained in the Whitehorse Council Plan.

Current Grants and Application Forms

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Need a little more support?

Contact Council's Community Grants Officer on 9262 6116 or with any questions about the Community Grants Program.

Please ask for help as early as possible to ensure you get your application in on time.

Applying for a Grant