Council Plan

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The Council Plan 2021-2025 details what we will deliver to the community, how we will deliver it and how we will measure our progress.

The Plan responds to the Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision and reflects what we heard from our community through a broad community engagement process. Thank you to everyone who completed our survey, attended a focus group or participated in the Shaping Whitehorse panel.

The Plan will ensure that the City of Whitehorse continues to be a healthy, prosperous and sustainable community supported by strong leadership and community partnerships.

Over the next four years

Council will focus on eight strategic directions that have been taken inspiration from the Whitehorse 2040 Community Vision:

  1. Innovation, Transformation and Creativity
  2. A Thriving Local Economy: Business, Employment, Education & Skill
  3. Development Our Diverse and Inclusive Community
  4. Our Built Environment; Movement, and Public Places.
  5. Sustainable Climate & Environmental Care
  6. An Empowered Collaborative Community
  7. Health and Wellbeing
  8. Governance and Leadership

Major initiatives

Some significant initiatives we will deliver through this Plan include:

  • Our Transformation Program
  • Development of the Transformation Strategy
  • The redevelopment of:
    • Sportlink
    • Whitehorse Performing Arts Centre
    • Morack Golf Course
  • Implementation the Gender Equality Act
  • Development of the Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan sub plans focused on:
    • Disability
    • Diversity
    • Healthy Ageing
    • Early Years
    • Youth

The Plan also guides how we respond to the immediate challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as take advantage of the opportunities that we will have into the future.

Read the plan

Download the Council Plan 2021-2015: Year One ( PDF 2.73MB)

Printed copies of the Council Plan are available on request. If you would like a printed copy please phone Council on 9262 6333 or email

Monitoring and reporting

Council will report back to the community twice a year on the progress of the goals in our Council Plan. These reports will be available in Council’s second Quarterly Report and the Annual Report.

While we report on the plan, we will regularly review it to make sure it continues to meet the needs of the community in an environment facing ongoing changes.

Council Plan 2021-2025