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A second round of Community Grants in 2021

Council recognises that many community organisations, clubs and groups in Whitehorse are at different stages of returning to operations following the ongoing impacts of the pandemic so in response will administered a second round of Whitehorse Community Grants in 2021.

Round 2 of the Whitehorse Community Grants closed Friday 27 August.

Successful applicants of round 2 will have until 30 June 2022 to expend their grant funding.

The grant guidelines are outlined below or you can download of the grant guidelines ( PDF 865.61KB).

Current Grants and Application Forms

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About the Whitehorse Community Grants Program

As part of the annual budget process, Whitehorse City Council allocates funding to the Community Grants Program to provide financial support to not-for-profit organisations and incorporated associations located and/or operating within the City of Whitehorse so that they can deliver programs, services, projects, initiatives and activities that:

  • Align with the community priorities and strategic directions contained in the Whitehorse Council Plan and contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community.
  • Identify and address emerging community needs.
  • Will be delivered within and directly benefit the City of Whitehorse Community.

The Community and Council vision is for a healthy, vibrant, prosperous and sustainable community supported by strong leadership and community partnerships and is implemented though the Whitehorse Council Plan ( PDF 1.96MB) in addition to other Council Strategic Plans and policies.

The current Council Plan which guides the work of Council contains five key strategic directions. All community grant applications must align with one or more of Council’s strategic directions:

  1. To support a healthy, vibrant, inclusive and diverse community.
  2. To maintain and enhance the built environment to ensure a liveable and sustainable city.
  3. To protect and enhance open space and natural environments.
  4. To provide strategic leadership and open and accessible government.
  5. To support a healthy local economy.

Applying for a Grant

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Contact Council's Community Grants Officer on 9262 6116 or with any questions about the Community Grants Program.

Please ask for help as early as possible to ensure you get your application in on time.