Asset Protection Permits

An Asset Protection Permit is needed when a Building Permit has been issued or building or demolition works are proposed. Property owners or contractors must obtain an Asset Protection Permit at least seven days prior to the commencement of any building work.

This helps to protect our footpaths, nature strips, vehicle crossings, kerbs, channels, drains, roads and laneways. Any adjoining parks also need to be protected.

If access to the building site is required through Council owned land (parks, carparks, Council owned buildings) a separate permit is required. Please make a note in the application if access through Council owned land is required.

The Asset Protection Permit sets out what contractors and builders must do before finishing the works to ensure the assets are left in the same condition they were found in. The permit also helps Council know who is working where and makes sure that the roads and footpaths remain usable and accessible for all residents and businesses.

What to provide with your application

The person/company with the Public Liability Insurance must apply for Asset Protection Permit and provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance for the minimum amount of $20,000,000 

The applicant shall supply a Pre-commencement Report (including photographs) ( DOCX 2.53MB) for all surrounding Council assets e.g. footpath, vehicle crossing, kerb, roadway, nature-strip, street signs, trees etc, affected by the works

Applications without both these documents will not be assessed.


Asset Protection Permit Process

Where Council assets are damaged as a result of building works, the Asset Protection Permit Holder is responsible for all of the repairs, and Council will not be repairing any assets damaged as a result of building works as part of its regular maintenance regime.