Footpath Trading

Many people with many different needs use our footpaths everyday. Footpaths are also used by businesses for outdoor eating areas, display of goods and board signs advertising their business. 

Any footpath trading and activities require a Council permit which will only be given in circumstances where pedestrian access and community safety is maintained. This permit is officially known as a Temporary Use of Council Land Permit.

Council issues footpath trading permits to make sure footpaths provide clear and easy access for all people.

Council has developed general guidelines ( PDF 430.13KB) and specific guidelines for Carrington Road, Box Hill ( PDF 1.6MB) to meet the federal government’s Disability Discrimination Act (1992) requirements.

The Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the guidelines outline the rules and conditions for placing goods, tables, chairs and advertising signs on footpaths. They also explain permit zones and other restrictions related to footpaths.


    Applying for Permits