Footpath Trading

Footpaths provide a wide variety of uses for different groups including shoppers, tourists, public transport users, delivery persons, elderly persons, those with mobility needs, pet owners, young families and children. Local businesses also use footpaths as footpath trading areas.

Footpath trading is defined as "temporary use of Council land" under the City of Whitehorse Community Local Law 2014 ( PDF 280.06KB) S4.14 for commercial activities which can include:

  • Sale of goods and products
  • Outdoor dining
  • Displaying signs and other items

NOTE: Real estate agent portable display signs used anywhere in the municipality to advertise open homes and auctions requires a separate permit application.

An annual permit is required from Council to use any Council-managed footpath, nature-strips or land for any trading activity. Permits are subject to conditions, primarily to ensure pedestrian access, community safety and amenity is not compromised.

NOTE: Box Hill Mall has a separate Footpath Trading Permit application form to the rest of the municipality and Carrington Road has separate footpath trading guidelines ( PDF 1.6MB) to the rest of the municipality.

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Footpath Trading Guidelines

When planning their footpath trading requirements, applicants should refer to the following documents which outline the rules and conditions for placing goods on footpaths. They also explain permit zones and other restrictions related to footpaths:

Footpath Permit Zones

In order to provide unobstructed access for pedestrians, the following zones have been created. 

  • Pedestrian zone
  • Trading activity zone
  • Kerbside zone
  • Exclusion zone. 

These zones are outlined in the diagrams below. 

Footpath Zones Figure A
Footpath Zones Figure B
Footpath Zones Corner Location

In-ground Furniture Sockets

If you want to install in-ground furniture sockets you must also apply to undertake works in the road reserve. Download the following information and form if you want to install in-ground furniture sockets:

Permit Period

Permits are valid from September to August each year and must be renewed annually.

Footpath Trading Permit conditions (including Box Hill Mall)

Annual Permit Fees (GST Exempt) 

All Areas Except Box Hill Mall (from 1 September 2023)

Selections available 

  • A/Board (one sign 1m high x 600mm wide)
  • Goods on Display
  • Tables, Chairs & Umbrella
  • Plants
  • Barriers
  • Other

Selection Costs

The fee payment is calculated on the number of selections above.

  • One selection $165.00
  • Two selections $292.00
  • Three selections $414.00
  • Four selections $530.00
  • Five selections $636.00

Box Hill Mall  (from 1 September 2023)

Selections available

  • Goods on Display
  • Tables, Chairs and Umbrellas
  • Barriers
  • Other


The fee payable is calculated on the number of total linear metres multiplied by cost per linear metre.

  • $584 per linear metre
Linear Metres Fee Applicable
1 $584.00
1.5 $876.50
2 $1,168.00
2.5 $1,460.00
3 $1,752.00
3.5 $2,044.00
4 $2,336.00
4.5 $2,628.00
5 $2,920.00
5.5 $3,212.00
6 $3,504.00
6.5 $3,796.00
7 $4,088.00
7.5 $4,380.00
8 $4,672.00

Lodge an Application

You will need the following details to submit a new application:

  • A copy of your Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency (mandatory) for $10 million (available from your insurance company)
  • Site plan (mandatory). For online applications please submit a scanned copy of the site plan
  • Any images or supporting documentation for your application
  • Application fee (mandatory) 

Use the application links below or on the right hand side of this web page to lodge and application online.

Once you have submitted an application form, Council will arrange to inspect your premises to assess the permit application. After the assessment if your application is successful, a permit will be sent to you. If your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified in writing.

Renewing a Permit

If you have an existing footpath trading permit, Council will send you a renewal notice in early September each year.

It is a mandatory requirement that you submit a current certificate of currency from your insurance company with $10 million liability as part of your renewal and pay the required fee.

Payment for the renewals can be made online. Please use the payment reference ID supplied.