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Find information and resources about staying healthy. 

Virtual Y! 

Virtual Y is an awesome new online platform brought to you by the Y. On Virtual Y, you'll be able to access exclusive fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, family and youth content. From keeping fit through workouts and training at home; learning all about nutrition with our delicious recipes and Healthy Living Magazine; looking after your wellbeing with mindfulness practices; learning with your family with home activities; to engaging with the youth community through our Youth Hub.

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Learn about mental health from Headspace, or if you need support, get in touch with someone who can help.

Les Mills FREE Online Classes

Access free at home workouts and discounted subscription services

Smiling mind

Mindfulness and Meditation app
Practice your daily meditation and mindfulness exercises from any device using the Smiling Mind App.

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The Fitness Marshall

Choreographed dancing to pop music. There are usually three dancers in the clip doing various levels of the same moves, so it caters for lots of fitness levels. It’s super inclusive and shows a diverse range of abilities, too. It’s also just really fun and great for those endorphins! 

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15-minute bounce back dance class online

A great dance class for young people to help you let go of negative feelings and improve your mood.

At home yoga for teens

Yoga For Teens! This practice is designed for teens but beneficial for all ages. 

Bedtime Yoga Sequence 

Yoga is a fantastic way to exercise and support your wellbeing. Get access to free downloadable yoga sequence that will help you to create a calming atmosphere.


Practicing gratitude has consistently been linked to feeling happier. Now is a great time for reflection.