In the outdoors you may enjoy regular visits from our unique local wildlife. But the native animals you see aren’t pets. Wild animals, no matter how timid or small, are capable of inflicting injury.

Be careful, no matter how harmless they may appear:

  • Move slowly, stay calm and keep your distance, they will be more frightened of you than you are of them
  • Never try to pat or handle wild animals. It is illegal and approaching them too closely can stress animals or cause them to abandon their young
  • Do not corner animals so they feel trapped. Remove any pets from the area as they will add to the animal’s distress
  • It is a prosecutable offence under the Wildlife Act 1975 to intentionally harm, shoot, trap or kill wildlife. Fines and other penalties can be applied. Contact your local Department of Environment and Primary Industries Office to Manage Wildlife
  • If an animal becomes trapped or seems distressed, clear a path to allow it to escape. If this is not possible, contact Wildlife Victoria on (03) 8400 7300.

For more information on wildlife visit the Wildlife Victoria website.