Pet Ownership In Whitehorse

If you have just moved to the City of Whitehorse with your pet, have a new pet or have lived in Whitehorse with your pet for a long time, there are some important things you may not know about keeping pets in the City of Whitehorse.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for your pets including to make sure they are:

  • Registered and microchipped
  • Confined to your property unless they are outside your property under supervision
  • Not causing a nuisance to your neighbours.

Download the handy Responsible Pet Ownership Information Sheet ( PDF 393.18KB).

Council provides a pet-friendly environment for all residents including:

  • Off-lead parks for dogs
  • Lost and found pet services
  • Registration and inspection of domestic animal businesses
  • Assistance to residents who feel their neighbouring pets are causing a nuisance
  • Management and implementation of the City of Whitehorse Domestic Animal Management Plan (DAMP).