Union Road and Mont Albert Road Level Crossing Removal

The Victorian Government has fast-tracked the removal of the level crossings at Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert and Union Road, Surrey Hills with construction to commence in 2022 and completion expected in 2023. Early works are due to commence this year.

Council is working with Boroondara Council and the Mont Albert and Surrey Hills communities to develop a vision for the area. The vision will be used to advocate for positive outcomes from the level crossing removal project.

We want to hear from commuters, traders, residents and interested parties who use the precinct and its environs and are interested in contributing to the vision.

  • We welcome the revised design of the Level Crossing Removal project at Union Road, Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Road, Mont Albert. Read more
  • At Council’s meeting on 18 October, Council supported a motion submitted and moved by Cr Amanda McNeill in relation to the Level Crossing Removal project. Read more.

Updated designs were posted on the Level Crossing Removals Project website in June. Council is concerned that the designs do not address community concerns. The Mayor has written to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure to express Council's concerns. View the July project update and Mayor's letter ( PDF 155.87KB). Subscribe to stay up to date with Council's response to the Union Road and Mont Albert Road Level Crossing Removals.


Around 22,000 vehicles travel through these level crossings each day, with the boom gates down for up to 40 per cent of the two-hour morning peak when up to 61 trains travel through them.

The crossings will be removed by lowering the rail line under the roads with a new premium station to be built between the existing stations at Surrey Hills and Mont Albert.

This will have a significant impact on the surrounding areas particularly during construction, due to the narrow rail corridor and the close proximity of adjacent streets like Lorne Parade, Beresford Street and Churchill Street. 

Whitehorse is very disappointed that LXRP has decided to compulsorily occupy the two northern sportsfields at Surrey Park from later this year for up to two years, including the baseball diamond from early 2023. Find out more in the media release.

Council will be working closely with the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) team to ensure that the interests of our community are well represented. We have prepared and submitted a submission to the LXRP on the project ( PDF 788.86KB) on behalf of the City of Whitehorse. It took into account or included the submissions Council had received from our community.   

The key issues we have heard from community members so far is that the project needs to:

  • Provide safe and convenient connections for public transport users, cyclists pedestrians and motorists to nearby shops, cafés and workplaces
  • Retain the Mont Albert Station building
  • Not disrupt or occupy the nearby sporting grounds during construction
  • Protect and enhance open spaces and surrounding amenities
  • Enhance the public realm of precinct surrounding the new train station, including high quality urban design and landscape outcomes, and protect the heritage areas within the precinct.

For detailed information about the project visit:

Site works starting 

LXRP has advised site establishment works will soon start at a number of locations in the project area including Lorne Parade Reserve, 2 vacant sites in Canterbury Road and a commercial building  on Canterbury Road.

We have also been advised that vegetation removals will be completed throughout October and November. This vegetation removal will mainly be in the rail reserve. 

Council is continuing to work closely with our community and LXRP to ensure our community’s needs are heard and the best possible outcomes achieved. This includes working with LXRP to retain the ‘Avenue of Honour’ trees in Churchill Street. We are seeking further information from LXRP about the trees. 

For information about what the works involves, visit levelcrossings.vic.gov.au website.