Drainage and Easements

Council owns and maintains a large network of stormwater drains and easements throughout the City of Whitehorse. This network includes the stormwater system, channels (also known as gutters) in the road and drainage easements on public and private land.

Applying for a Stormwater Report

Apply online for Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge Application. Please note this application is for the report only and will not allow you to undertake drainage works.

Connecting New Drains

New subdivisions and properties without existing drains will need to apply for and receive a Council-issued permit before constructing a drain that connects to the stormwater system. This includes the construction of new drains and modifications or repairs to existing drains.

Any works within a heritage overlay will also require a Planning Permit. If you are connecting a new drain on an arterial road, please contact VicRoads for consent to work in the road reserve.

Find out whether you are on a local road ( PDF 1.54MB) or arterial road ( PDF 119.38KB) before beginning the application process.

For more information read the Drainage Works Guidelines ( PDF 273.56KB). The consent application forms and information about relevant permits include:

Drainage Easements

Drainage easements are a parcel of land dedicated for drainage. Not all drainage easements contain drains, but if you want to install a drain or build over a drainage easement you will need a permit from Council. There are restrictions on what you can plant or build within a drainage easement.

Not sure whether you have an easement on your property? Visit Landata to search your property and view your property title (fees may apply).

Forms You Will Need

Flood Levels

To obtain Council Report & Consent regarding construction in an area liable to flooding pursuant to Regulation 802 of the Building Regulations 2006, you are required to submit the online application form.

Blocked Drains

Council’s City Works Department inspects, maintains and repairs Council drains.

If you have a blocked drain please contact Council’s customer service team for assistance by calling 03 9262 6333 or emailing customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.

Drainage Schemes

Some older subdivisions may not have been connected to Council’s drainage system when they were originally built. At the request of residents, Council can organise and manage the construction of a new drainage system through a drainage scheme which is paid for by residents.

The cost of building and connecting these drains is split between the residents who will benefit from the drainage scheme.

Once the drains are installed, Council takes over responsibility for ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Read the Special Charge Scheme Policy ( PDF 67.47KB) or contact customer service for more information by calling 03 9262 6333 or emailing customer.service@whitehorse.vic.gov.au.

Civil or Drainage Plan Checking

Where a Planning Permit has been issued for development work within Whitehorse, civil or drainage plans must be submitted to Council for approval. A civil or drainage plan must also be submitted for approval where outfall drains are to be constructed for any other development not requiring a Planning Permit (including single dwellings, extensions to existing dwellings, garages).

Once you have obtained a Planning Permit (if required) and a Storm Water Legal Point of Discharge ( PDF 755.5KB) has been issued by Council, engineering civil or drainage plans are required to be submitted to the Engineering Asset Team in the Engineering and Environmental Services Department for checking and approval.

Fees apply for plans to be checked and approved. Please see Development Plan Checking Fees schedule.

Apply for approval of Engineering Civil Plans (Including Drainage) by downloading the form. You will also need to include: