Step 1: Location of the Stormwater Connection

A property’s private stormwater pipes need to be connected in line with the Council Stormwater Report.

Stormwater Report

To find out where you should connect your property’s stormwater pipes, you will need to apply online for a Council Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge Report.

Once you have obtained the Stormwater Report, you will need to apply for a permit to do the works for a new connection. The Report is not approval to start works. The Stormwater Report may also require you to submit a drainage plan for approval prior to applying for a permit. See Step 2 for more information about drainage plans.

The Stormwater Report will advise you to connect the stormwater in one of the following areas:

  • Council road (footpath and naturestrip)
  • Council easement (at the back or side of a property)
  • Council reserve/park
  • Arterial road (footpath and naturestrip) managed by VicRoads

Find out if your drainage works are on a Council road or arterial (main) road

  • Enter the address of the works on the map below
  • For corner properties you will need to check the side where the works will take place
  • Arterial (main) roads are marked in dark pink. All other roads are Council roads

Next Steps

Works on a Council road / easement/ reserve

Works on an Arterial (main) road 

If you are not sure which applies to your site please contact us on 9262 6177.