Step 2: Drainage Plan

You will need to submit a drainage plan with your application for a drainage permit.

There are three possible applications involved in drainage connections. Please review the steps below before submitting a drainage plan.

Stormwater Report Application

You should already have a Council Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge Report (as per Step 1) which tells you where to connect and whether you are required to submit Drainage Plans prepared by a certified engineer.

Drainage Plan Application

If required by the Stormwater Report, next you will need to submit an drainage design prepared by a certified engineer for Council approval. 

Council approval of Drainage or ‘Civil’ Plans is where a Council Engineer assesses the drainage design. This is a separate application process. You need to submit this application and obtain Council approval of the plans before you apply for a permit. 

If the Stormwater Report does not require you to submit a drainage plan prepared by a certified engineer, you will need to submit your own diagram in your Permit application. Please include measurements and locations of street assets including trees, pits, poles and vehicle crossings. Alternatively you can submit a copy of the Stormwater Report in place of your own diagram.

Drainage Permit Application

Council consent (permit) to undertake the works is permission to 'start digging'. If required by the Stormwater Report, you will need to obtain Plan Approval before you apply for a Drainage Permit. You will also need to submit a copy of the Drainage Plans or diagram with your permit application. You must not start works in an easement or outside a property boundary until you receive the permit.

If you do not obtain these approvals in order you may experience lengthy delays.

Next Steps

Continue to Step 3 to work out if you need additional approvals for your application.