Event Permits

All events held within Council managed spaces such as parks or reserves or that affect locals roads require a permit.

You may need a permit if the event you’re running is over a certain size and involves contractors and temporary infrastructure like portable toilets, marquees, fences, food vendors and more. 

Social Gathering with Extras

If your event is of smaller scale and includes the following items, you will need to complete the social gathering with extras application.

  • Two or less contractors (e.g food vendor, amusement ride or inflatable, petting zoo, portable toilets) & has 
  • Under 100 attendees

Permits to use Fireworks

You need a permit if you plan to use fireworks, firecrackers or any form of pyrotechnics at an event.

Only licensed pyrotechnicians can use fireworks in Victoria and before they are used a number of authorities and neighbouring properties must be notified. The council may restrict the time and place where fireworks may be used.

Apply online for a permit to use fireworks.

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Submit your online application today!

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If your event has under 100 people but you want a marquee, jumping castle, food vendor or other extra you will need to submit an application.

Event Permits

If your event is of a large scale and has any of the following items, you will need to apply for an event permit.

  • Three or more contractors (e.g food vendors, amusement ride or inflatable, fencing, petting zoo or portable toilets)
  • Over 100 attendees
  • Requires a road closure or changes traffic conditions
  • Fireworks
  • Ticketed entry &
  • Organised protest

Before applying, we recommend you read the Event Permit Guide ( PDF 133.15KB) and the Event Planning Guide ( PDF 2.31MB) to understand what you will need to do to create a great event.

After you submit your application Council will determine the scale of your event. The scale of the event will determine how long may take to process and approve your application – up to four weeks for smaller events and two months for large festivals. Event organisers should lodge their event permit application with Council as early in the planning stages as possible.

Apply now online by completing the Event Permit Application Form.

For more information contact the Administration and Events Officer by emailing arts@whitehorse.vic.gov.au or by calling 9262 6352.